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What are microgreens

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Many vegetables, herbs and flowers can be consumed in the micro stage meaning they are typically only a week or so old when they are ready to harvest. There are some varieties that take longer to grow but in general they are very young plants. The amazing part about micro greens is that they have a concentrated nutrient content so you get a power house of nutrition compared to their adult counterparts.

Studies have shown that a single serving of broccoli microgreens contains a higher nutrient and mineral content than a whole head of broccoli (1, 2). Microgreens contain high quantities of minerals, like magnesium and zinc, that many people can be deficient in when consuming a conventional diet. Not to mention the inflammation fighting compound sulfuraphane, which improves heart health, and even helps prevent cancer (3).

Do you know what this means for a mom with picky kids? What seems easier to make your kids eat- broccoli florets or power packed broccoli micro greens that are smaller than a four leaf clover? I pick the latter.

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About Fla-va greens

I am one of those people that never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was envious of others in high school that had college and career plans. I had none…

When I was 35, a friend tried talking me into going back to school. I said “Dude by the time I graduate, I’m going to be 40”! He replied, “Either way you are going to be 40”. At the time it was the smartest thing anyone had ever said to me. I graduated 5 years later with a fancy piece of paper, some debt, and STILL no clue what I wanted to do with my life. 10 years (or so) later, I was still that lost boy. 

I didn’t know it two years ago, but my life was about to change. 

I was visiting my sister Donna in Florida, and she made a huge deal about going to the farmers market for these greens that she loves. Not only did I fall in love the varieties they have, but when I started to learn about how nutritional they are? I was hooked.

My sister suggested I grow micros as a business up north. We grew up in a farm environment, helping my grandmother grow and pick strawberries and the like, so the growing part is pretty much in the blood. I didn’t have the momentum to make a go of it at first, but on my last visit to Florida, I met lleana Perez (of Pleyoo Microgreens in Ft. Myers, Fl). lleana and I became fast friends and she soon became my mentor. I came home with inspiration and the universe lined things up.

People in my life offered up help from the start. I bought as many lights and as many trays as I could afford and my friend Tom bought me shelves; my sister got me seeds, trays, and a scale; my brother Steve fronted the money for my LLC; my niece Stacey helped me build my logo and website; and my niece Lisa made me shirts to wear at the market.

I’ve spent the last few months working, reading, watching videos, listening to 20 different opinions on the same topic, learning, growing, failing, figuring it out, and succeeding. I’m confident in my growing abilities and know that I produce a quality product that’s not only beneficial, but delicious.

Looking to learn more? Check out our crop list and shop!

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